Business and safety conditions for exhibitors participating in the exhibition

Organiser: Výstaviště Kroměříž s.r.o., K Výstavišti 4069/8 767 01 Kroměříž,
Company ID No: 253 76 977
Tax ID No: CZ25376977
This company is registered in the Commercial Register maintained by the Municipal Court in Prague, Section C, File 117539.
Bank details: ČSOB 208123982/0300 Telephone: 724 609 798

Exhibitor: legal entity or natural person whose participation in the exhibition or trade fair has been confirmed by the organiser

Application Form

  1. The primary condition for participation in the exhibition is the submission of a properly completed and signed written application form by post to the organiser. All the necessary fields of the application form must be completed, including information about the exhibits on display. The exhibits on display must comply with the nomenclature of the exhibition. If the exhibitor has required the organiser to build the stand, the exhibitor shall enter the precise requirements both for the building of the stand and for its
  2. If the exhibitor requires lighting for their stand or requires the use of any electrical appliances, it is necessary to order an electrical connection from the organiser according to the input of the appliances
  3. The decision to accept the exhibitor’s application is made exclusively by the organiser of the exhibition, who will notify the exhibitor in writing of their inclusion in the database of exhibitors for the ordered exhibition. At that moment, a mutually binding relationship is established between the organiser and the exhibitor. The organiser is not obligated to accommodate the exhibitor or confirm their
  4. At the moment of confirmation of the application for a given exhibition, the organiser shall issue a pro forma invoice, which the exhibitor must pay within the given period. At that moment, the exhibitor assumes the obligation to comply with the applicable Czech legislation, regulations, and standards that apply to the show grounds. At the same time, the exhibitor undertakes to fulfil the obligations arising from their participation.
  5. The basic rental and registration fee includes:
    1. Rental of the exhibition space during the assembly, the duration of the exhibition, and the disassembly of the stand;
    2. Inclusion in the exhibition orientation
    3. Exhibitor’s identification cards – 2 for a space of up to 9 m2
    4. Promotion of the exhibition
  6. Should the exhibitor cancel the exhibition space and services after the closing date for applications (1 month before the start of the exhibition), the organiser shall refund 50% of the rent paid for the exhibition space. Should the exhibitor cancel the ordered exhibition space within a period shorter than 1 month, the paid amount is not refunded. The registration fee is not refunded should the exhibitor cancel the ordered exhibition space.

Exhibition space, exhibition stand

  1. The exhibition space is rented without equipment; rental is only for the space. It is possible to order construction of the stand or for the exhibitor to build their own stand. It is also possible to order an electrical connection, water supply and drainage, Wi-Fi, or other services according to the Service Order
  2. The exhibitor is obligated to observe the dimensions of the allocated exhibition space and it is not permitted to exceed the ground plan area of the assigned space. If the rented exhibition space is exceeded, this shall be subject to a penalty of CZK 5,000 for each case. The recurrence of such a breach may lead to termination of the exhibition space rental without entitlement to refund of the rent.
  3. After the exhibition, the exhibitor shall hand over the ordered space to the organiser in the same condition in which it was handed over to the exhibitor. The maximum load of the hall floors is 5,000 kg/m2, and 5,000 kg/m2 for outdoor spaces. The maximum height of exhibits in Hall A is 8 m, in Hall B 3.8 m, and in the exterior spaces 3.8 m.
  4. The organiser reserves the right to decide on the location of the individual companies in the exhibition space. After payment of all payments due and processing of binding applications, the exhibitor shall receive a roster of the exhibition space showing their position. The exhibitor may not rent the exhibition space to a third party.
  5. The exhibitor is obligated to present their own products and services only within their own exhibition space and must not disturb or restrict other exhibitors. The exhibitor may place promotional objects within the premises of the show grounds only subject to predefined conditions and payments. The organiser may remove any unreported and unpaid advertisements. During the exhibition, it is prohibited to operate any audiovisual equipment that produces noise that may be a nuisance to other


  1. The organiser shall not be liable to the exhibitors or co-exhibitors for any loss, destruction, or damage in the exhibition space during assembly, exhibition, or The exhibitor is obligated to take out damage liability


  1. The exhibitor is obligated upon arrival at the show grounds to become familiar with the alarm directives as well as fire and evacuation regulations, which are available at the registration point, and to act according to them if
  2. The exhibitor must not store or use any flammable substances, explosives, or other substances hazardous to health in their exposition or on the premises of the show grounds. During the exhibition, assembly and disassembly, smoking and handling open flames in the halls are strictly prohibited. The exhibitor is obligated to check the status of the electrical appliances used, and any electrical installation work can be performed only by a person with valid authorisation to perform such an activity. Electrical appliances that are in operation must not be left unattended.
  3. Pouring any toxic substances or paints into drains or washbasins is strictly
  4. Storing waste material/residues behind the wall of the stand outside the rented space is strictly

Payment terms

  1. All payments made on the basis of advance invoices shall be made no later than the date of commencement of the exhibition. The exhibitors who will fail to pay such pro forma invoices shall not be admitted to the exhibition space. All other costs of the exhibitors during the exhibition not included in pro forma invoices shall be invoiced during the exhibition and paid in cash. This mainly concerns further potential costs of the unordered energy and
  2. The exhibitor is obligated to report to the exhibitors’ registration point before the start of the assembly process; at the registration point, payments will be confirmed, exhibitors’ identity cards will be issued, and exhibition information will be provided. After this, the exhibitor shall be taken to the exhibition space, where they shall either take over the ordered construction of the stand or construct their own

Technical conditions

  1. The outline of the exhibition stand must not exceed the outline of the exhibition space that the exhibitor has
  2. Transport mechanisms and motor vehicles may enter the exhibition premises only during assembly and disassembly. Drive into the premises during the exhibition is strictly prohibited. Small supplies may be delivered to the stand during the exhibition by pallet truck. The maximum floor load capacity is 5,000 kg/m2.
  3. The exhibitor may use a forklift with a maximum load capacity of 3.5 t to transport of heavy loads and unload them at the show grounds. Use of the forklift is subject to an additional
  4. Exhibitors are not permitted to leave their exhibition space or to close the stand before the end of each exhibition day including the last day of the exhibition. The entry of motor vehicles to the exhibition space shall be permitted only after the end of the
  5. During assembly, cutting or grinding construction elements are strictly prohibited, as these acts could be a nuisance to the other exhibitors due to noise or
  6. Hanging any advertising signs on the hall structures is
  7. The walls of the exhibition stand must not come into contact with the walls of the
  8. The exhibitors’ own power supply cables shall be connected only after the exhibitor has submitted a verification and inspection report issued by a verification technician according to Decree 50/1978 Coll., Section 9, who will properly mark the cables. The exhibitor is obligated to submit the verification report for all appliances that will be connected to the organiser’s power supply, and each report must not be older than 6 months.


  1. In the event of violation of any of the above conditions, the organiser has the right to exclude the exhibitor in violation from the exhibition without compensation.
  2. The organiser has the right to modify or change the date and duration of the exhibition without the exhibitor being entitlement to compensation. In the event of exhibition cancellation, any payments made shall be refunded to the exhibitor within 2 months of notification of cancellation of the
  3. Complaints made by exhibitors are accepted by the organiser within a maximum period of 24 hours after the end of the
  4. The exhibitor is obligated to comply with the above conditions for exhibitors.

Technical conditions

The Floria Podzim 2021 Exhibition shall take place at the Show Grounds in Kroměříž from 24 to 26 September 2020.
Opening hours for visitors: daily 9:00 to 17:00.

Assembly and disassembly of exhibits

22 to 23 September 2021 from 8:00 to 18:00
24 September 2021 from 6:00 to 8:30.

Before driving into the Show Grounds, exhibitors must visit the Exhibitors’ Registration Point at the entrance to Pavilion B (it will be marked), where identity cards will be provided after all payments have been checked. Exhibitors are obligated to use these identity cards for the duration of the exhibition, as well as during assembly and disassembly work on the Show Ground premises.
Each exhibitor will be issued with two exhibitors cards for stands with sizes of up to 9 m2; additional cards shall be issued as per agreement. In the event of any orders above the scope of the paid invoices (additional order of electric power, water, stand, etc.), any outstanding payments must be made in cash at the Exhibitor’s Registration Point before the start of the exhibition.

Disassembly of the exposition

26 September 2021 from 17:00 to 21:00. (dismantling stands or removing goods before the end of the exhibition are not permitted – violation is subject to a fine of CZK 5.000)
27 September 2021 from 7:00 to 15:00.

Driving onto the premises

All motor vehicles (cars, vans, lorries) shall enter the premises via Gate 3 from the parking area or according to the instructions of the organisers.

Driving off the premises

Cars: Via Gate 1, Hall A
Deliveries, lorries: Gate 3 from the parking area or according to the instructions of the organisers Deliveries to stands during the exhibition:
7:00 to 8:30, 17:00 to 18:00.
The entry of motor vehicles is permitted only during the opening hours stated above. Outside these periods, the entry of motor vehicles to the premises is PROHIBITED in order to protect visitors’ safety. Subject to a fine of CZK 5.000.

Additional important information

Ordering of the exhibition space: Exhibition spaces or stands must always be ordered regardless of whether exhibitors have their own stand or have ordered one from the organiser.
Three types of spaces are on offer for rent: space for rent in the exhibition hall, stands in the outdoor roofed area, or building of exhibitor’s own stalls in both the covered and uncovered parts of the show grounds.
It is necessary to order an electrical connection for the exhibits that require the use of electrical appliances according to the total input of the appliances used.

Verification of electrical appliances: Warning for exhibitors who bring their own extension cords to the electrical power supply: power supply cables are subject to the presentation of audit reports conducted by a verification and inspection technician qualified under Decree 50, Section 9, who must properly mark each power supply cable. We also require verification reports for any appliances brought onto the premises. Each report must not be older than 6 months.