Takashi Iura (1977), Japanese bonsai artist
Apprenticed with Master Takeo Kawabe, owner of the second generation nursery in Nagano, Japan, his trees are regularly displayed at the prestigious Kokufu-Ten and Sakufu-Ten exhibitions, awarded by Prime Minister’s Award at Sakufu-Ten 2016, Director of Nippon Bonsai Association.

Kim Seok Ju (1961), Korean bonsai artist
Learned bonsai since he was only 16 years old. In 1989 he opened his own bonsai nursery Taechowon. He received several gold and silver prizes at different Korea Bonsai Exhibitions. He is consultant of the Korea Bonsai Masterpiece Exhibition and the Gopung exhibition and also he has given several demonstrations outside Korea: China, Taiwan, Vietnam, Czech Republic, Poland, Lithuania, Belgium and Italy.
In 2017 he was one of the demonstrators at the BCI and ASPAC Conventions, 2018 at Bonsai San show in France and at Taiwan NBE, 2019 Best of 20 years Trophy at Belgium

Lee Kwang Jong (1971), Korean bonsai artist
Studied bonsai from 1993 till 2003 and opened his own bonsai nursery in 2005.
He received several grand prizes at different Korea Bonsai Grand Exhibitions and demonstrated outside Korea in Poland, Czech Republic and China.
For more than 10 years he was technical advisor at the Morningcalm Arboretum.
He was demonstrator at the Asia Bonsai Friendship Federation Convention and was rewarded with the Artist of the Year Award at the 1 st Korea Bonsai Artist Society Exhibition in 2017.

Cho Wong Dong (1974), Korean bonsai artist
Studied bonsai at Dae Cheong Won and Baek Am San Bang.
In 2003 he opened his own bonsai nursery Song Seol San Bang and five years later his bonsai school. He was demonstrator in the Czech National Bonsai Exhibition in 2008 and he was Forest Service Chief at the 2015 Korea Bonsai Grand Exhibition.
Cho wong Dong earned several times prizes at the Cheong Poong Bonsai Exhibition.
He was demonstrator for the China Bonsai Artist Association and at the Asia Pacific Bonsai Friendship Federation Convention in 2017.

Choi Song Ho (1972), Korean bonsai artist
Studied bonsai between 1993 and 1996. Shortly afterwards he opened his own bonsai nursery Song Ho Won. He received grand prizes and excellence award on several Hanbat Bonsai Exhibitions, where he is now in the masterpiece selection committee.
Choi Song Ho was a demonstrator at the Asia Pacific Bonsai Friendship Federation Convention 2017.

Václav Novák (1952), Czech Republic
His interest in bonsai growing arosed after the lecture of Mr. Hideo Kato (Japan) which was held in Prague in 1982. He is co-founder of Bonsai Club Libochovice (1990). The Czech Bonsai Association was founded in 1997on his initiative. He was elected its president . In 1990 he established Bonsai centrum in his native town Libochovice. He organizes seminaries, demos and exhibits his bonsai trees in Czech republic and abroad (England, France, Belgium, Italy, Germany, Spain, Poland, Slowakia, Mexico, South Afric, Brazil, Vietnam, China, etc.). In May 2004 in of 20th EBA Congress in San Marino was elected as EBA vicepresident and technical adviser. You can see his bonsais at major exhibitions in Europe.

Pavel Slovák (1965), Czech Republic
At first I tried to grow and shape bonsai in autumn 1986. Gradually my effort became more intensive and apparently the breakpoint happened when I met Mr. Jaroslav Pišl and more bonsai enthusiasts. I participated at many exhibitions both in Czechia and Slovakia, Poland, Lithuania, France and Spain. Since 1999 I have become a member of the Czech Bonsai Association (ČBA) and since 2008 also a member of the Bonsai Club International (BCI). In 2006 I startedwith my own workshops on growing and shaping bonsais. Mostly I am focused on jamadori and garden jamadori. Since 2012 I work also as a head lecturer of Bonsai school in Košice, Slovakia. I prefer creativity using large scale of bonsai shaping methods.

Juraj Szabo (1975), Slovak Republic
Bonsai beauty captivated me in January 2007. After studying books and articles on bonsai, I joined the Košice Bonsai Club in March 2007. I have been a member of SBA since 2008. As a beginner I gained valuable experience from René Lempel and Milan Roskoš, P. Slovák, V. Novák, V. Ondrejčík, Seok Ju Kim and others.
So far I have exhibited at Bonsai Club Košice, National SBA shows, and international exhibitions in the Czech Republic, Hungary, Poland, Slovenia, Italy, France, Belgium at the Noelanders Trophy and other events. In 2014 I was elected president of the Slovak Bonsai Association. At 2010 we opened Bonsai Centrum Kosice with my wife and since 2014 bonsai is my full time job. At our Bonsai Centrum Košice we do regular workshops for both beginners and advanced. Bonsai is my life.